Random Thought # 1 – Taser Tag

Here is one of those random thoughts I have occasionally:

Paintball courses and laser tag rooms are fun for both big and little kids.  However they are occasionally misused by company leaders as ‘team-building’ exercises.  If adults really want to play ‘Capture the Flag,’ then I have a new solution for them – Taser(trademark) Tag.

Here’s how it works – two people on each side. One limitation is that it will be all men of course, since most women are too smart to voluntarily let themselves get zapped into twitching fits. Okay – two teams, four guys, one home base and Tasers with two cartridges. You only get two shots, so they better count. One big advantage with this game is that there are no arguments about who got hit when, if it was a ‘fatal’ hit or if Jim shot Jack before Jack shot him. If a player gets hit, he’s out of the game. Why?, because he’s flopping on the ground like a goldfish on the kitchen parquet.

On a corporate level, this is a perfect ‘evaluation by your subordinates’  tool for HR.  Just how  many managers are willing to take their chances with one of their employees on their side and two other of their employees on the other side?  I’m a little too busy right now to start a new business, so I’m releasing this idea into the world for free.  Have fun, make a lot of money and let me know when it’s up and running.  I’d love to watch it on a monitor from the safety of your snack room.

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