Who am I? – Part Two

Part Two – “Live long and prosper” – Spock (a.k.a. Leonard Nimoy)

A long time ago, as all the best stories start, I was a young lad who discovered a magical place full of adventures, aliens, monsters and a tail less monkey named Curious George. It was, of course, a library. In all the years since a book has never been far from my hands. My reading habits lean heavily in the direction of science-fiction, fantasy, horror, adventure, war stories and biographies. My exposure to Literature with a capital “L” has been fairly limited. Charles Dickens’ “A Christmas Carol” is about the closest I’ve come.

I am a ‘genre’ reader. That said, I have read a lot of books, ten thousand at a guess; maybe more, maybe less. As a small tyke, I would sit on the library floor in the Children’s section and read dozens in a single day. I started where I left off the day before and just read a book, put it back and read the next one in line. Even today I can read an average hardcover in a day. Of course now when I do that I don’t sleep a lot that day, but the tradeoff is often worth it.

As a preteen and teenager, (when not accidentally causing fires or explosions – no details, I’m still a little vague on the whole statute of limitations concept,) I also wrote great masterpieces of science fiction. Fortunately for the world – and my writing career to be – my wise and gentle mother destroyed all of the known copies when I left on my honeymoon. Those stories now can never be used against me.

Flash forward a decade and at a Christmas party I ran into the former writing partner of my youth. Mark was in between bands at the time (he’s a multi-talented friend), my bean counting was well in hand and we talked about getting together and trying to write something. Never imaging what was in store, I agreed it might be fun. Amazingly we are still alive and remain friends, both of which were doubtful at times.

Later I’ll talk about what that process was like, but the end result for me was four co-written novels. This was back in the days before the mighty Amazon when publishing a book meant you had to convince a publisher to pay you money for the right to publish your novel. Life is different today, but I’ll whine later. We had three fantasy novels published by Baen Books; “Dorella”, “Demon Blade” and “Frost.” We also had a Star Trek novel – number seven in the Voyager series called “Ghost of a Chance.” Which is my favorite? Don’t have one, any more than I have a favorite child, I still love than all. Though we never rose to the pinnacle of success, we remain the only two kids from Mattydale that ever wrote a Star Trek novel that was published. Mark has also had published several novels of his own, uncounted stories, is executive editor of a trade magazine, played in more bands, is a home beer brewer and was a street racer – as I said, a very multi-talented friend.

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  1. Hi Chuck. Nice blog you got here. Interested in seeing if you’re going to be doing any more writing. Both Dorella and Demon Blade were great reads, and I’d like to see more.

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